NORO PLAZA Travel Home occupies a Galician nobiliarious building from the end of the 19th century, protected by Heritage for its historical value.

Five floor building fitted with 12 apartments and common areas on the ground floor.

The ground floor gives access to the different common areas and to the suite with terrace (number 00).

The 1st floor gives access to 3 apartments (01, 02, 03), as well as the 2nd floor (04, 05,06) and the 3rd (07, 08, 09).

The 4th and last floor has 2  attics (number 10 and 11).

The interior design project achieves a warm and comfort through a careful selection of coverings, furniture and textile elements. A contemporary style of distinguished simplicity in which we have invested high qualities to get the maximum comfort and a esthetic and spatial harmony.

The building is totally accessible and equipped with an elevator that gives access to the apartments. On the ground floor has common areas such as a living room for meetings and celebrations, a laundry area and a e-bike station.

There is a vertical botanical garden visible from the apartments facing the rear of the building and accessible through the ground floor suite.

The 4th floor has 2 attic apartments with a very special charm.

Our construction project has been based on premises such as sustainability or the use of natural light, designing a structural opening that communicates and radiates luminosity all the floors and efficient solutions in each of the rooms that maximize the solar resource.

A large part of the wooden structural elements have been maintained, repositioned collapsed stone masonry facings or rebuilt the original galleries.

Take a look at that timelapse video of our rehabilitation proyect!



Maximum security against Covid-19

Access with mobile technology

24 hours between guests

Certified hygiene and cleaning protocols